Back Pain Therapy in Fort Smith, AR

If back pain is keeping you from pursuing your daily responsibilities, you may be in need of back pain therapy in Fort Smith, AR. At River Valley Back & Neck Clinic, we work hard to let our patients know that they're our highest priority.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality, personalized chiropractic treatment, and we aim to accommodate your scheduling needs by offering convenient, flexible office hours. Our patients know that they can rely on us to:

  • File insurance claims for free
  • Offer an affordable cash payment policy
  • Provide a free initial consultation

If you're facing chronic or occasional back pain, consider getting the back pain therapy that you need from the attentive, friendly team at River Valley Back & Neck Clinic in Fort Smith, AR. Get in touch with our office today to learn more about our services, receive answers to your questions, or to schedule your first appointment with our staff.